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Posted 1248525987|%O ago by Phil ChettPhil Chett
Many community based projects have a "Events" section that members can sign up to. Wikidot doesn't.

Clubs, Societies, families, and others more often than not, organise events.
Designing a Calendar of events is quite easy using listpages.
A really good example (ok, so I'm biased) can be found here:

If "rating" is enabled on a page, and the existing very flexible permissions are set correctly, you have the option to look at those that have rated this page.

If that "look whos rated" could be turned into a module, and placed anywhere on a page, it would be quite simple to use that as a "who is signed up to attend this event module".
The addition of been able to change its "title" will also be of use


BBQ at my place 28th August 2009

[[module Rate title="I'll be there" Show"yes"]]
could then be used to display on that page all those that will be attending. With the added advantage that they could remove themselves from that event when they realise that they can't attend.

On your page, you could the have something like….

BBQ at my place 28th August 2009

Yep, I'll be there: + -

People attending:-

All done with the user just having to click a button.

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