Extending [[image]] source attributes

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Posted 02 Nov 2009 15:34 by Ed JohnsonEd Johnson
This design enhancement is related to [this wish] and [this discussion]. It is suggested that the image syntax be expanded so that we can display the first image that is located on a different wiki page.

Currently, the syntax supports URL and :first as source attributes for the image to display. [[image :first]] will display the first image on the current page only. You can't use [[image URL :first]] since both attributes are used to specify the source of the image.

Proposal for new syntax

[[image :first:site-name:category:page]] where site-name and is optional and assumes the current site if not specified.

If the parser sees :first: as the source parameter, it parses the site-name:category:page from the rest of the string and displays the first image from the page indicated. If the parser sees :first without the other page parameters, it works as it does now by displaying the first image on the current page.

This would effectively add Cross Site Include capability to the image syntax.

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