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Posted 1261219229|%O ago by gerdamigerdami
The current technique for mobile sites is a redirection because page weights should be less than 20K. The [[Ifdevice …]] would help redirecting to the mobile version.

If I use a category "mobile" for the mobile version, I would like gerdami.wikidot.com/anypage be redirected to gerdami.wikidot.com/mobile:anypage with a custom CSS for category mobile:.
But how can I test that the device is a mobile and redirect to the mobile page thanks to something like

[[ifdevice mobile]]
[[module Redirect destination="mobile:/%%name%%"]]

Source: http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/REC-mobile-bp-20080729/#d0e1099
Example: www.ft.com would redirect to m.ft.com

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