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Tags are becoming more and more essential in the world of Wikidot Applications. Because of this, we need to improve the ease of using these applications by automating some of the tagging processes.


[[tag ...]]


Argument Meaning
text Displays the specified text on the button
class If specified, it overrides the default class. Behaves the same as the class attribute for the Join module
add Adds the specified tags to the page
minus Minuses the specified tags to the page
invert Adds the tags that aren't on the page and minuses the tags that are
all Changes all of the page's tags to the specified tags


[[tags text="Close bug" minus="_open" add="_closed"]]

This would remove the tag _open from the page, and add the tag _closed
[[iftags -_deleted]]Move to[[/iftags]][[iftags _deleted]]Restore from[[/iftags]]
[[tags text="trash" invert="_deleted"]]

If the page contains the tag _deleted, then clicking “trash” would remove the tag. If the page does not contain the tag _deleted, then clicking “trash” would tag the page with _deleted.
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