Index of Sites

This page is intended to capture the principal sites of general interest to Wikidot users. These sites are listed roughly in order of karma of the reader (low to high). If you wish to add your sites you must be a member of this blog, or contact a member of this blog.

Welcome and introduction


  • handbook - The Wikidot Handbook
  • css - The CSS Zone
  • faq - Frequently Asked Questions
  • - Alternate domains for Wikidot sites

Userspace building blocks

News and Discussion

  • chat - Wikidot chatroom
  • blog - Wikidot blog and workspace
  • news - Wikidot News feed
  • projects - Wikidot projects forum


  • wishes - Wikidot Feedback site - wishes
  • bugs - Wikidot Feedback site - bugs to post
  • spambotdeathwall - a Guru's Site to report a spammer

Social vision

Shortcuts and aliases

SuperGuru Research & Development

  • get - Competition for best new homepage
  • dashboard - Per-user dashboards project
  • nocomment - Comment-less forum experience
  • patterns - Wikidot patterns applications
  • how - Video tutorials for
  • doc - Wikidot documentation repository

Silly stuff

Iron Giant Template Sites

Stable: albumsblankblogchatCRMforumissue trackerMonobookMonodotopen sourcepetitionphoto galleryreal estateredirecttechblog Draft: BabelHammerpersonalprojectSnowWiki Conceptual: bookbusinesscareereducationalgroupmarketplacenewsPageTreeprivatetask management Legacy: workgroup