26 - The Default Page
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26 - The Default Page
Created on 16 Oct 2009 10:54
By pieterh

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This is the Redirect module that redirects the browser directly to the "http://projects.wikidot.com/thread:133" page.

This is a design sketch for the "default" page, which is a per-category customizable page which Wikidot will show when the user lands on a non-existent page.

The default page is called "category:_default". The default page for the default (empty) category is called "_default" (with no category name).

If no default page exists in a category, Wikidot shows the current message. If a default page exists, Wikidot shows that page instead. When the user edits or creates the page, they of course edit a blank page (or templated text), not the default page itself.

The default page allows:

  • The edit button, which acts to create the page.
  • The %%fullname%% and %%title%% symbols.

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