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1 - Rate Module
Created on 24 Jul 2009 19:33
By pieterh

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This is the Redirect module that redirects the browser directly to the "http://projects.wikidot.com/thread:117" page.

We use [[module Rate]] widely in templates to allow visitors rate content up and down. We want to make the Rating module easier to use, and usable in more cases.

The Rating module in fact implements a voting system, allowing visitors to cast positive or negative votes. This approach makes it more complex than it needs to be. Our main complaints with the current Rating module are:

  • It needs per-category configuration in the site manager. We'd prefer to not have to do this.
  • It is too pedantic, using dialog boxes when none are in fact needed.
  • It is too limited in scope, missing wider applicability.

These are the specific changes we want to make:

  • Remove the [X] cancel option. It can be done simpler by [+] and [-].
  • Make [+] and [-] work orthogonally, i.e. click either to rate as far as allowed in any direction.
  • Allow site moderators and admins to rate as far as they like up or down.
  • Remove the popups on unallowed ratings, these annoy the user and serve no purpose. If a rating action is not allowed it should simply have no effect.
  • Remove the ability to see how other people rated a page.
  • Remove the entire "Page ratings" panel from the site manager and specifically the need to configure / disable rating per site. This should be controlled only by the presence or absence of the Rating module on a page / template.
  • Extend the Rating module to allow a custom label:
    [[module Rate label="Urgency:" ]]
  • Extend the Rating module to allow a name property that is used to distinguish multiple instances of the Rating module on the same page:
    [[module Rate label="Value for money:" name="value" ]]
  • Extend the Rating module to cover different user interfaces1:
    [[module Rate type="vote | voteup | stars | bar" ]]
  • When %%rating%% is used in ListPages, allow selection by name property:
  • Extend the Rating module to allow a page property that lets us rate a different page, e.g. from within a ListPages display:
    [[module Rate page="category:page" ]]
  • When unregistered users try to rate a page, ask them for their email address and either log them in, or register them. Note: lightweight drive-by registration is a separate design.

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