Give an award, get an award!

I am here to tell you about a site where you can give and receive awards. The basic idea comes from leiger who set out a basic outline here. So, I worked on the project and made it to where you can create your own user page give and receive ribbons. The only problem is that you must have your own user page before doing anything.

Go ahead and visit! You can do 4 things on this site:

  • Create a user page, which you must do first.
  • Give a person a bronze, silver, or even gold trophy.
  • Give a person anywhere from a white, to a black belt.
  • Give a person a ribbon.

The first few are obviously for accomplishments that you do in the community. Winning a contest or something. The problem is that it is controlled by tags for now. If people want, though, I could try to do an option for trophies based on pages like the ribbons are. That way, you could have 5 gold trophies for 5 different things.

The Ribbons one is interesting. It allows you to give ribbons for anything you want. Right now, there is only one type of ribbon, but that is okay. Again, if anyone wants it to be multiple ribbons, just let me know.

I have to thank leiger and James Kanjo for helping me. Anything else that you want to add, just leave it in a comment! Enjoy giving awards!

I have never really done a blog post before, so I hope I did it correctly