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by pieterh on 25 Nov 2009 19:49

scottplan writes, "[Head, meet keyboard…] rebygv67um" in response to my idea of starting a new bug tracker. The argument of "invest in existing structures" vs. "experiment with new structures" is one we've had several times, and will continue to have as long as Wikidot lets people start new sites with one click.

The main reason is that I'd like a dedicated site, easy to find and remember, and which is built using the latest techniques we have for wikified forums. Perhaps it is possible to upgrade the existing bug section on the community site to work like this. I don't know, I'm not an admin of that site and don't think it would be wise to become one.

A bug tracker which feeds into the Wikidot development process needs to be a semi-official site, in the "hot zone" where Wikidot staff and community work together on deciding what's important and how to make it. The current bug section is not ever going to become a semi-official site. It will only rarely be updated by Wikidot staff, so won't feed neatly into our processes.

I'd like to experiment, then, with new discussion models, like the subtopic model we're using in the projects forum. Not everyone likes or understands that model but for many of us, it seems to be working nicely.

And lastly, I'd like to make a good new Iron Giant template site for a simple bug tracker (that is, one with only two states (open, closed), topic tree discussions, and a Hammer-style navigation), and the only way IMO to do that is to eat our own dog food, and make something we actually use.

There are probably more reasons that will come up, but these will do for now.

Let the flames begin :-)

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