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by pieterh on 05 Jul 2009 17:21

I don't like announcing work before it's ready to deliver. The infamous "New homepage coming soon" has been sitting announced but undelivered for months now. Part of the reason for starting this blog is to improve the way we in the Wikidot team communicate with you.

But sometimes it's useful to announce work we plan even before it's started. Especially when we want your opinions and involvement from the start. So, here are our plans for improving the packaging of Wikidot, that is, all the information and support you need to use it properly:

  • A new documentation site, We'll take the documentation from the main Wikidot site and move it to its own site. The goal: make it easier to read and use, and give our expert users a chance to contribute to the docs. The Wikidot Handbook shows how a talented and well-organized community can work together.
  • A new support site, This will become the place for bugs and ideas. Our idea is to make it look like a forum, but use the Wikidot category/page/tag structure with page comments, instead of the traditional forum module. This should be fun, and give us something that works like a mix of forums, wiki, and email lists.
  • The themes project, I already wrote about this: it's a lovely example of using Wikidot to make Wikidot, and it's great to see Wikidot experts like Timothy Foster and James Kanjo sharing their themes.
  • Site templates, starting with We'll be making a bunch of these templates. For example, I'm starting a new book and would like to use Wikidot. So where's the site? It's a work in progress, and one I hope you'll enjoy and join in.

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