by pieterh on 09 Oct 2009 17:32

Steven Heynderickx started an interesting thread on using Wikidot to simulate a Wikipedia wiki. On the one hand, some people like the familiar look and feel. On the other hand, others are annoyed that Wikipedia keeps deleting articles on Wikidot. Apparently it's impossible to get a Wikipedia article on Wikidot. :-)

Of course the two aspects are only a little bit related. Wikipedia is the most famous wiki project and for many people, it defines "wiki". Wikidot will always benefit from Wikipedia in that it makes our job of convincing people easier. "It's like Wikipedia but for your own project" is a good explanation that many people get right away.

But if Wikipedia is an example of censorship and misguided editors, that's not a great example of a wiki. Here at, "impossible" just means "more fun when we get it done". So I've started a thread on the projects forum to work on this.

Wikipedia has a "speedy deletion" feature that destroys articles with no trace, and this was used on the Wikidot article at least three times.

So, we need a "speedy recovery" feature that lets us copy/paste the deleted article back, with fixes that argue against whatever reason was given for deleting it. What better than a Wikidot workspace?

Eventually, we will get our Wikipedia article!

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