Wikidot wins First Prize at AWS Global Startup Challenge 2012!

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by michal frackowiak
on 10 Jan 2013 13:31

Great news everyone! Really great! Amazon Web Services has just published the list of Finalists of their AWS Global Startup Challenge and… Wikidot has been selected a Finalist and a Fist Prize winner in this year's edition! It is hard to tell how happy we are and how much we look forward to the upcoming finale celebration in San Francisco!

As a First Prize winner we already get significant credits to spend on AWS services and a ticket to San Francisco to compete for a Grand Prize. This year the Grand Prize will be announced in 4 categories: Big Data & High Performance Computing, Business Applications, Consumer Applications and Gaming. There are three finalists form every category. Wikidot competes in the Consumer Applications category. We will also have an opportunity to have a series of business meetings with potential investors and partners.

The criteria for the challenge include business model aspects and usage AWS products. The fact we made it that far clearly proves to me that Wikidot is a superb project with a stable long-term business model and well-designed infrastructure. I definitely enjoy working at Wikidot but events like this one make me even more excited about it!

Keep your fingers crossed! Squark and I are going to San Francisco for the Challenge Finale on 23 Jan!

BTW: Are there any Wikidot users in the California, close enough to SF? If so, what about a meeting?

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