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by michal-frackowiak on 05 Jul 2010 11:00

We are pleased to announce that Wikidot expands beyond its web interface and will be providing automated access to its resources. So far in order to edit pages, participate in discussions and post content our users had to use the web interface — point browser to a page, click Edit etc. Using remote access (API), those tasks can be performed by 3rd party applications on behalf of users.


With this new feature Wikidot can be used for more than just web publishing, and we hope for numerous new applications to emerge.

Why is API so important?

"Remote API" might sound a bit unfamiliar. But imagine a situation: one of our users wanted to create a huuuuge site about games, and wanted to create about 8,000 pages, one page per game. Doing this by hand would take a lot of time and effort. On the other hand it was a matter of minutes to create a script that reads data from a file and creates pages automatically using the Remote API.

Another application that one developer would like to create is a note-taking desktop and mobile suite that stores the notes remotely on Wikidot. A user could take notes using a mobile client, review them later on a desktop computer, but also edit using the web interface.

Also some people are interested in creating an alternative editor for wiki pages — now it is possible!


From a higher perspective, API is much more than just a new way to interact with Wikidot. Wikidot API could boosts the whole ecosystem of developers, users, web services, as happened to numerous other web services before.

We believe that Remote API will open endless possibilities for Wikidot users and developers.

Remote API is still in early development, but we are very excited about it. At this point we would like to extend our narrow circle of alpha-testers and open the API access a bit more. Although you still need to apply to get API access.

We are launching a site for developers interested in using our Remote API at:

We definitely hope to get valuable feedback from you, and give the development more momentum! If you are a developer, please join the site!

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