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by michal-frackowiak on 17 Dec 2010 12:10

Since the beginning of Wikidot it has been growing evolutionarily and became a stable, popular and powerful collaboration and publishing platform. Today I would like share an idea that hopefully could take Wikidot one step ahead.

In the beginning, as opposed to traditional "wiki" collaboration software, which required dedicated software (and often hardware) for each site, Wikidot offered a way to quickly set up multiple sites. As a Wikidot user you can create one, five, or even fifty sites and they are set up automatically.

Now imagine this: how about automatically creating not a single site, but a whole Wikidot-style service? Let me introduce:

Wikidot Clusters!

The shortest explanation of a cluster is: an isolated set of sites and users, separated from the shared environment of Wikidot. Actually it would work as a Wikidot instance just for you.


Indeed many users asked us about having a private, managed Wikidot installation. Just like the Wikidot service but limited to a single company, group or school. For most of these needs, clusters would be the way to go.

Control and management

Owning a cluster means much control. Cluster admins could create, edit, remove users and sites, run reports — and have more or less the same permissions we — the Wikidot Team — have over the current Wikidot.


Clusters could be customized — login screens, email templates, themes. You could style it to match the style of your company or organization.

You could also set the base domain so that all your cluster sites and data would be by default in this domain. E.g. site1.<your-domain-goes-here>.com, site2.<your-domain-goes-here>.com etc.


But the most important thing is isolation. While using works great for bloggers, gamers, multiple communities, schools and companies, we receive many signals that for many companies and organizations the shared environment like is (unfortunately) not acceptable. With clusters, you get your own virtual space without any interference with, and you have full control over it.

Security and performance

Clusters will be running on Wikidot software — the same that we have been improving for the last years.

The idea of Wikidot Clusters has been bugging us for the last two years, so it is not something new that we invented last night. What is more, we see it as a next step for Wikidot, and would be a great new thing to work on in 2011.

At this point, are really curious about your opinions!

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