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by michal-frackowiak on 25 Nov 2010 12:49


Thanksgiving is a great day. It is about tradition, history, family, but most importantly — about realizing what we are really thankful for in our lives.

We live and work in Poland, but Wikidot is a global project. Over 90% of our users and clients come from abroad and we often feel we participate in national holidays all over the world, despite cultural diversity, historical differences and political boundaries.

The same applies to Thanksgiving — here, in Poland it's not a tradition at all, but we get the spirit of this holiday and take this day as an opportunity to share our gratitude for things that happen in our lives. And there are a lot of such things.

Personally I am most grateful for times we live in. When one can really make a difference. Without much exaggeration I can say we live in times of great opportunities. And thanks to these opportunities, the booming Internet, free economy and optimistic approach we were able to create and grow Wikidot.

Poland has been enjoying liberty for not much more than 20 years now. Before that, due to numerous restrictions imposed by the socialistic government, my parents and grandparents could only dream about free market, setting up companies, fair compensation for work or even freedom of communication. During the last 20 years Poland changed dramatically, becoming a rapidly developing country with a lot of opportunities. I am definitely thankful for it. Thanks to those opportunities I was able to start working on Wikidot 5 years ago, and we are running it today.

At Wikidot we have numerous things we are thankful for. Especially these that make our work possible — our users, fans, early adopters, investors and business partners and people from our team of course.

Last but not least we are all thankful for our families, fiancées and girlfriends who support us and accept our unusual working hours.

Even if you are not in the United States and today is not your national holiday, perhaps it is good to stop for a while and find good things you are thankful for.

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