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by TeRq on 29 Apr 2011 17:07


It's been a while since the last blog post. But guess what: we've been working on improving Wikidot! The Change log says all: 29 issues has been closed since April 8th and also a lot of behind-the-scenes work has been done to improve performance and maintainability.

NewPage awesomeness="true"

First of all, the oldest of the wishes (wish no. 1) and also one of the most voted: NewPage module autosaving has been implemented. Using the mode attribute of the NewPage module pages can be created without showing the editor to the user. You can do it by setting one of two new modes: mode="save-and-refresh" or mode="save-and-go". Mode names are self-explanatory, the first refreshes the page with the module after saving the new one, the latter redirects user to the newly created page after saving it (omitting the editor completely). You can also specify a custom landing page by goTo="page-name" attribute for mode="save-and-go".


[!-- Simple TODO list --]
[[module newPage button="Add Item" category="todo" mode="save-and-go" goTo="todo-list"]]
[!-- todo-list contains ListPages module listing pages from  todo category --]

The code above will show a NewPage module allowing users to enter title of the new TODO list item. Immediately after clicking "Add Item" users will be redirected to todo-list page which can list the entered items (using ListPages module) including the newly created page.

Consult the NewPage module documentation for more details.

Internet Explorer with round corners is a bit cuter now

To improve the overall appearance of the new My Account interface in Internet Explorer browsers we are now using CSS3PIE which adds support for a few useful CSS3 features to IE 7, 8 and 91. This way the interface for managing your account, messages and sites is almost as cute in IE as in other browsers. Unfortunately the CSS3PIE code has some problems with properly styling dynamically loaded content, so some rounder corners and shadows are still not rendered properly for IE.

Other small improvements

As more and more projects use includes, especially CSIs2, names of the included pages are now rendered as clickable links when showing page sources.

Recently, we added support for the AdBrite ads. Just paste the code you got from their site to the panel found at Manage Site » Advertising.

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