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by michal-frackowiak on 28 Oct 2010 13:56


You must have heard about Twitter. If not — Twitter is a social service for posting short messages that other people can subscribe to. It is being used by millions of people worldwide, which makes it one of the largest information distribution networks.

Last week we introduced a feature that allows associating a Twitter account with a wiki and posting selected activity information directly to Twitter. The mechanism is dead simple, but we can already see users find it useful, especially for wikis with community-generated content.

Not only it might help your users keep up-to-date with your site, but can enormously help promoting your site through yet another social tool.

In order to activate this amazing feature, you need to go to Site Manager panel on a site you wish to post updates from. Find the "Tweet My Wiki" panel.


You need to choose a Twitter user that will post updates. Sign in either with the Twitter user you choose, or create a new, dedicated Twitter account just for your site (it is a good idea!).


After you create a new account or sign in with one you already have allow Wikidot to use this account and the configuration is complete! Congratulations!

In this early implementation there is no configuration, and the feed of associated Twitter user will be updated whenever a new page is created on your site.

Now let us try if it works as advertised. I have just created a Tweet My Wiki is awesome. Now Check the feed on Twitter:


Feel free to create other pages on this wiki and see how the information about it appears on Twitter in less than a minute!

Later we plan to add more configuration options, e.g. choosing page categories, disabling notifications for hidden pages and notifying about page comments. Now only information about a new page (no matter what category it is in) make a tweet.

As with any new feature, we are eager to hear your feedback.

The "Follow Me on Twitter!" image comes from Flickr

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