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by pieterh on 21 Jul 2009 14:12

At some point we'd like to offer an instant "Tweet my wiki" function that sends out all notifications to a Twitter account. In the meantime, Lukasz explains how he connected this blog's RSS feed to the Wikidot Twitter account:

I created an account on and added the RSS feed as the source of tweets. Then I configured the way the tweet is built: "New blog post: %%title%%, [link shortened by]".

A bunch of other fixes we've rolled out over the last days:

  • You can now properly remove meta data tags if you're a free or pro-lite user.
  • Site thumbnails are properly refreshed.
  • Incremental search indexer is now rewritten and should be happily working away.
  • Sites like sandbox and profiles no longer appear on the footer.
  • Database performance improved on long comment pages and other queries.

The last issue was getting annoying - any page with more than 20-30 comments took several seconds to show and sometimes 15-20 seconds. Wikidot should be faster overall now.

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