Tuesday Rant XXVII - SPAM!

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by pieterh
on 23 Feb 2010 08:29

jhubert writes: As of late, Wikidot.Com has been under ever-more intensive attack by spammers, who add links to innocent wikis leading to sites attempting to sell you PhD theses, used cars, pool supplies, and even more dubious offers. This has led many site admins to desperate measures such as locking parts of their wiki or even restricting them to members only, harming the spirit of openness that is the very foundation of the wiki community.

He's started the Spambot Wall of Death where we can post the names of spammers and spam sites. I'm pestering the devs to give superadmins a tool that kills a user profile and all their sites in one go. Also, another of my ideas is to add a kind of link moderation tool so that only site members can create external links.

What do you think about spam, link moderation, and jhubert's Spamdot Wall of Death?

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