Tuesday Rant XXIV

by pieterh on 26 Jan 2010 14:58

Tuesday, named after Twyera, the ancient Norse goddess of bad moods. Traditionally a day for reflection, after the grim "is it really Monday already" awakening and before the "maybe I don't need to strangle the boss after all" relief of Wednesdays. In Wikidot land, Tuesday is the day for rants, complaints, even mild flame wars (respecting, of course, the posting guidelines (deleted)).

To start this rant, I'm going to just say one word, kurwa, which is Polish for "it is so cold outside that even the dogs are afraid to pee". Here in Poland we've had a week of clear skies and temperatures down to minus 23c at night. That's negative even in Fahrenheit. Luckily Wikidot is here to warm us up (seriously, we keep full paper backups of every website and recently we've started burning those for heat and to power the steam engines that keep the server cluster going).

What's happening in Wikidot land, then? Well, we're still finishing up the current bit ticket item, private categories on public wikis. Notifications and search don't work fully yet. The rest seems pretty neat. Then, we're moving ahead with data forms, and if my magic horoscope is still working, we're also looking at a bunch of improvements to the user interface (editor, tagging, etc.) to make it simpler to use.

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