Tuesday Rant XXIII

by pieterh on 29 Dec 2009 14:58

Another Tuesday, another rant. This is a very special Tuesday Rant because my hands are frozen from the cold (office heating here in Brussels is not working great today). So I'm typing this with heavy gloves while sipping hot lemon vodka from a flask. Excuse the occasional slip as the cold and the vodka fight it out for control of the old grey matter.

First a progress update. We're working on PCIPWs, and will have this in testing very soon. Also, we've almost finished all the leftovers. I'm munching the last fried turkey beaks right now. Hmm, crunchy.

But today's rant is going to have a serious purpose. I'm really annoyed, by my own failure to produce the bugs.wikidot.com site (no link, there's no point) and we're now seeing bug reports pop up in various places. So I'm going to stick my neck out, like the poor turkey we ate last week, and say, time to get cracking on this.

Normally, I'd start a committee to discuss the issue and draft a white paper that can be distributed, reviewed, corrected, and eventually released as a draft green paper. Who knows, before the world ends in 2012 (and that was either the best surrealistic dream sequence movie ever made, or the biggest pile of turkey droppings in history), we might even get started on the work.

Since we're too understaffed (read, hung over) to organize a committee, I'm going to do what in technical terms is called "consulting with the community"1 and ask you to speak your mind:

What do you need from an official public bug tracker?

  • What is a bug, (as compared to a feature request)?
  • How do we organize and classify bugs? ('annoying', 'really annoying', 'so annoying I want to reach for a fork')
  • What kind of status information do you need on progress ('ignored', 'still ignored', 'ignored so long there is green stuff growing over it')
  • What kind of discussion model do we need on bugs?
  • Who can report bugs and comment on them?
  • How are bug fixes tied into the changelog, do we duplicate it or just show a list of recently fixed bugs?
  • Should we just open up the current issue tracker (which is pretty complex) or make a simpler cleaner tool that anyone can use?

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