Tuesday Rant XX - Profile pages

by pieterh on 08 Dec 2009 20:47

Sheriff Phil Chett points out that profile pages are a huge source of spam. That is, spammers register and then use their profile pages to create links to various sites. This boosts the Page Rank of those sites, and lowers the Wikidot overall Page Rank. Every day he deletes about 150 spam profiles.

Apart from the sheer courage of clicking so many Delete | Yes please | Yes I'm really really sure | Please, just do it, I'm sure options, Phil's suggestion is simple and brutal (this is why we made him Sheriff): delete all profile pages. It is an interesting idea but before we create a blazing bonfire, I'd like your opinion on this. How many of you use your profile page?

To be honest, I've never edited mine until now (it's not really obvious, you need to click My account | Account Summary | My profile | Edit a page about myself. Not intuitive.

Anyone actually use this feature? Anyone mind if we delete it? Let the ranting begin… :-)

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