Tuesday Rant

by pieterh on 14 Jul 2009 09:56

Tuesday is Rant Day, the best day of the week for complaining. It's a little known fact that the name comes from the old word Tīwesdæg, the day of the Nordish god Tīwes, who was famous for ranting. And also for waging war, perhaps because he was so angry at not being able to search his forums.

I don't have any personal rants today, except maybe a question to the Wikidot Community: do you guys ever sleep? My inbox is overflowing with traffic from community.wikidot.com: ideas, suggestions, and excellent answers to peoples' questions no matter how complex, or silly. Maybe this is not the best rant, but I need to say "thanks" to you guys.

Speaking of Community, we'll roll-out a major new feature tomorrow (if all goes as planned). We want to emphasize how Wikidot is a community of web sites that work together. Just as the Community supports you, when you use Wikidot, as a free user you will also support the Community. If you're a pro user, you will be able to opt out of this. How are we going to do this? What am I talking about? Tomorrow will bring us the answers. :-)

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