Tuesday Rant XV

by pieterh on 03 Nov 2009 08:32

Today it's Tuesday. Here in Torun, Poland, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, or at least they would be if it was not so insanely cold that the birds are actually hiding in a hole in the ground, drinking vodka and tweeting "Kurwa! It's cold!" to each other. That's my rant for today: someone has turned off the heating here in Northern Europe, and it sucks.

Back to Wikidot, the unavoidable focal point of my blog. Tuesday is the day for ranting, complaining, and generally getting the kind of great unburdening feeling that Californians pay a five hundred an hour therapist to give. No Eliot Spitzer jokes, please!

But before we turn up the music and start the party, please go take a look at Timothy Foster's notebook application. Timothy has taken a decent note-taking application (MS OneNote) and wikified it, and the results are an elegant demo of what Wikidot (or rather, Wikidot in the hands of a skilled designer like Timothy) can do.

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