Tuesday Rant, sort of

by pieterh on 22 Sep 2009 09:49


To all those who tried to answer the question what is Wikidot?, thanks. I liked all the answers, and especially Rob's "Wikidot: a platform to share, collaborate, discuss, design, build, work, play and live." Clearly, Wikidot is much more than just a wiki.

Over the last few days I traveled with a group over the waterways of Flanders: Oostende to Brugge, Antwerpen, and then to Brussels. The weather was perfect, the cities amazing in their own ways, and the canals giving a excellent history lesson in how our societies organise around communications and economics.

My rant, since it is Tuesday and today is the traditional day for complaints, is that I had no email for four days and now have 250 Wikidot notifications to read. It could be neat if Wikidot dropped into 'daily digest' mode after a day of no activity.

Our group took several thousand photos, and I'm going to use Ed Johnson's photo gallery application to make a web site where everyone on the trip can upload their photos for others to share. I explained this to my friends (non-technical, and most quite a bit older than me) and they got it immediately, down to the right security model (a public site but only for members to post photos).

Ed's photo sharing app looks perfect for any kind of shared event worth taking photos of: weddings, trips, meetings, demos, parties. Try it, and tell Ed what you think of it.

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