Wikidot translations week sum-up: Pro+ accounts given away!

by Gabrys on 21 Jan 2011 10:04

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Translating Wikidot has been a hot topic in the last week or two and today we want to make a sort of sum up and thank you note about it.

We'd like to thank very, very much for all that contributed their time to translate lots of boring and often problematic English messages to their native language. We've seen a lot of hard decisions being made, a lot of work with rewriting the translation, while we were fixing translation mistakes in English messages and still, much, much of enthusiasm while improving Wikidot international communicativeness.

We already credited the users that made the most complete translations: German, French and Serbian. We really keep our fingers crossed for Finnish translation. To express how much we appreciate the work you've done, we decided to give away one-year Pro+ accounts (one-year prolongations for those who already have them) to:

  • Brunhilda and Shomi for a complete Serbian translation
  • fridemar, StefanM and Helmuti_pdorf does not match any existing user name for complete German translation
  • gerdami who made French translation basically by his own
  • and jjs that made 62.8% of Finnish translation (and still counting)

Here's the statistics for all translations (as of 20th January 2011):


For almost-real-time statistics, visit the Transate site.

Setting language for your site

Now that we have at least 4 complete language versions of Wikidot, it's time to present how to set your site's language. Go to the Manage Site (if your link is lost use


In the General settings tab, locate the Language selector:


Choose the desired language, refresh the page, and you're done! In case the translation is not what you expected (not complete, has mistakes), you can go back and select English, but we suggest that you should go to and improve the translation instead! Any translations you make there will be shown on your site soon afterwards.

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