Top Needs

by pieterh on 12 Aug 2009 18:48

You'll see a new section on this site, "Top needs" (at left). It's not so much Yet Another Wishlist but a kind of instant poll about what today's most active Wikidot users want and need.

We have something like 200 items on our internal todo list, and that is a bit overwhelming sometimes. Everyone seems to have their own personal favorite "most urgent" wish, depending on what they are trying to do with Wikidot today, and what's stopping them. Personally, I need a Clone module so that those template sites can roll out. But I also need a %%children%% counter. And infinite rating… and so on and on. And on… :-)

There is a lot of significance in a huge wishlist, good and bad. We're working on the bad, and counting on the good. This "Top needs" section will help identify the most urgent changes. So vote now and add in your personal Top need, if it's not already there.

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