Toolbar Exploits

by pieterh on 17 Jul 2009 07:45

Ed Johnson, James Kanjo and several other people have written to me to point out that it's trivial to hide the toolbars with CSS. As Ed explains,

To totally hide the navi-bar it's a simple matter to change the top margins of #navi-bar and #container-wrap-wrap. I used the z-index as another method to hide it.

Which leads us to a clarification in the Terms of Service:

The use of custom CSS that hides, moves, covers, or otherwise interferes with the visibility, positioning and functionality of the top or bottom Toolbar elements will be considered as prohibited usage.

Anyone considering a CSS exploit to hide the toolbars should realize that (a) we'll see it and (b) we will do something about it. C'est comme ca.

Now, we're not 100% evil. Well, maybe we are. 110% even. But for those of you who wrote to me saying that even the low, low, low cost of a pro-lite account was too much, here is a present:

We're giving away five (5) Pro accounts. Tell us, on this blog thread, why you someone you admire deserves one, with a link to their sites. We'll choose the winners and announce them. Competition lasts until Sunday night.

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