Toolbar Evolution

by pieterh on 22 Jul 2009 14:18

A bunch of small changes to the toolbars will be pushed out today:

  • Bottom toolbar is more compact, with smaller images and text. Pop-up rollovers are not going to happen, because these are too slow on some PCs.
  • Bottom toolbar won't show on private sites unless you're a pro user and explicitly ask for it.
  • Top toolbar gets Edit, History, Tags, and Source action.
  • "Random site" is renamed to "Explore".
  • "Your-free-project" action field becomes a more general explorer - type any Wikidot site name to go there.
  • Added StumbleUpon bookmark icon.

Thanks to everyone who made these suggestions. Some people have asked us if it's OK to change the color and background of the top Toolbar, and the answer is "yes". If you want to know how to do this, ask on the community site and no doubt someone will explain.

Final bit of good news: we fixed a database "auto-vacuum" problem that was causing Wikidot to run v e r y s l o w l y at certain times of day. We're now measuring database response time and anything over two seconds should be automatically flagged so we can fix it. If you find any particular page takes too long to load, let us know.

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