To Delete or Not?

by pieterh on 05 Oct 2009 15:56

One of the common mistakes new admins do is to delete forum:thread, and then wonder why their forums don't work any more. Wikidot's page delete action is troublesome and I'd like to redesign it. And when I say "redesign", I mean rip most of it out and replace it with something entirely simpler.

Before we make that change, your opinions please. Here is my proposal (and this is too simple and too interesting to merit a quiet space on the design section).

  • The Delete action immediately, without confirmation, moves the page to the deleted: category and presumably shows a message that effect.
  • The application jumps to the deleted page, i.e. does not show empty page but same page with renamed title.
  • On deleted pages, there is no Delete action but an Undelete action, which renames the page by moving it back to its original category, if possible.
  • We'll make, eventually, a Trashcan action that shows the deleted: category and an Empty Trash action that deletes it.
  • Delete does not try to maintain backlinks, i.e. pages that link to the deleted page.

Thoughts? Have you every deleted a page by mistake? Do you use the deleted: category or do you like to keep a clean wiki? Do you wish deleting a page only took one keystroke?

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