Things A New Project Just Needs

by Squark on 07 Jun 2010 14:55

Try to imagine a situation when you're gathering some people and together creating your new project, e.g. new Internet service. Everything starts from an idea, then you make a plan and try to introduce a completely fresh, magnificent solution that will rule the world. Ok, that's for the beginning.

During the process of developing, more and more things need to be done. Time is running and everything has to be in a proper order and in time. The more people you have involved in the project, the more complicated it becomes to manage everyone's contributions efficiently.

There are many project management and "Getting Things Done" applications, but only Wikidot delivers a complete solution: a flexible, simple but powerful Issue Tracker / Feedback Platform or Customer Relationship Manager.

Those three templates give you an internal communication platform, a place for reporting bugs and requesting features in your project, and a channel of communication between the project team and your customers, respectively.

How do I install this?

Simply click on one of the thumbnails shown above, then click on the Clone button on the page that you are redirected to.

Enter a title for the new site you want to create with the selected template, followed by a web address. And that's it!


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