The Short Miserable Life of Spam

by pieterh on 15 Sep 2009 14:29

Those tasked with using to host spam must feel pretty miserable. Their comments don't last more than a few minutes, thanks to change notifications. The biggest controversy in the community is, do we delete spam threads, do we mock them, or do we edit them to be useless.

Eventually what works best is brutal deletion. Spammers are now trying to fake "real users" by saying things like, "can anyone recommend a whatever" and then replying to their own posting. It makes us laugh a little, before we delete.

Now, there is a problem with spam sites, parasitical link farms that steal Wikidot page rank and divert it to their own clients. We're looking at ways to focus the wrath of the community on these, just as we do for spam. People who steal my pagerank make me really angry… To make it more fun, maybe some kind of a high score table where the top spam site hunters can show off.

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