The Roadmap Project

by pieterh on 27 Sep 2009 21:32

On Thursday I launched the idea of a 'feature auction', to a generally positive reaction. Today we've completed a simple web application, the Roadmap Project, which lets you make 'pledges' to push certain aspects of Wikidot's ongoing development.

Obviously, this is more interesting to those using Wikidot for business and professional reasons. But even amateur users can lobby for specific aspects, if they feel those are really worthwhile.

I've pre-populated the Roadmap Project with existing data, which shows some of the areas we're working on, today, for paying users. Hopefully the transparency this adds will reassure those who fear that larger, paying clients might distort Wikidot's evolution.

The Roadmap Project is also interesting as an example of a real Wikidot application that collects and displays data. To write the entire application, from scratch (using the default template), took about eight hours. And that is for a pretty finished app, with nice CSS styling and a working user interface.

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