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by Squark on 05 Nov 2010 10:53


We'd like to ask you what is your perfect office you'd like to work in? What utilities or gadgets would you like to have at your workplace? What is necessary for you to get up early in the morning and go to the work with a smile on your face just like we do?

It's a well known fact that a bit of fun at work makes people less stressed and more productive. You can easily increase people's self-esteem and state of mind by making their environment inspiringly vibrant, relaxing and soothing.

Take a look for example at Google HQ. Probably it is a best place to work in on earth. Nevertheless, of course our place is much better than theirs :)

For us, having fun at work is an important part of the day. Except of the everyday satisfaction we get from doing our jobs, we like to kick ourselves' asses in video games for a minute of two, race with our R/C cars or spend some time in the evenings - having a beer, do sports like bouldering, biking or offroad.

Now we're planning to make our offroad car even more awesome and then make a stress test of our baby :). Stay tuned for a video from our 4x4 adventures.

Recently we've been creating a list of things we'd like to have at the office. Some of them are useful, funny or are just a bit of absurd.

That's the list of things we'd like to have in our office:

  • a gaming console
  • Newton craddle / Foucault pendulum
  • private Coke vending machine - just for fun (and to make additional profit from nearby offices workers)
  • darts
  • hammock - to get some rest above other's desks
  • bouldering wall
  • microwave oven (to test some of the exploding myths shown in MythBusters episodes)
  • table soccer
  • a ball of osmium - because it's small and heavy
  • ruler - because we can't remember to buy one and need to print it every time we need it
  • breathalyzer
  • AR Drone
  • more duct tape to make amazing things like those

What are your ideas for a perfect office?

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