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by pieterh on 07 Aug 2009 17:06

The template sites project is moving ahead like an fast train. When we announced the wiki template project, we promised three pro account gifts to the best contributors. Time to announce the winners…


But first, these thumbnails show the templates already under construction. Yes, I know some of the images don't show. There is something broken in the thumbnail server, and our crack team is looking into it. Well, once we get done with looking into the effects of cold, cold beer on this warm summer evening, that is. Fixed.

The new CountPages module we pushed out today will make some of these sites work better and I'll start soon on the forum-template, which is going to be a forum built entirely out of wiki pages and comments, much like the opensource template.

Have you ever looked at the default site you get, and thought, "this could be much better!" Sure, we all have. So, go fix the default template site. This will become the new default when template sites go live. Some ideas that Gerdami threw at me today, for example: put a bunch of reusable icons - for edit, print, PDF, etc. - on system:icons, and replace system:list-all-pages with something more up-to-date.

Gerdami also explained (over lunch) the work done to make the multilingual Wikidot Handbook site, and so I created a documentation template site for multilanguage documentation projects. Such as, Wikidot's own documentation.

Yesterday, for fun (and profit) I also rapidly put together a CRM template site. Customer Relationship Management, boring stuff but useful when it's time to recall just whether or not that prospective client already signed the contract or not. The CRM template is in fact a full Wiki 2.0 Application (the capitals are deserved) that took only 3-4 hours to make. Workflow, discussions, email notifications… Wikidot packs a serious punch.

There is a lot happening with template sites, and these will radically change the way new users come to use Wikidot.

Perhaps you also have ideas for a template site? Projects you've made using Wikidot and which you think, "hey, other people could use that!" Maybe a default template in something else than Polish or English, for example? What's "Edit this menu" in Portuguese?

It's simple:

  1. Create a site called something-template.wikidot.com
  2. Configure it for MembershipByPassword with the password 'password'
  3. Add it to the wiki page
  4. Tell people about it (actually, adding it to the page is enough, thanks to notifications)

What I've learned over the last days is that you will find many others willing to jump in and help turn your rough ideas into a polished, shiny, reusable template site.

Which brings me to our prize winners. 2nd runner up is Wayne Eddy, who pushed the glossary into the wiki template. 1st runner up is tsangk, for hitting the wiki template with some good ideas but more, for his work on the packages installer. And winner, by about three laps, is leiger, for his flood of smart and accurate edits to the template sites.

Tsangk gets his shiny star as soon as we finish our beers. Leiger, Wayne, you can either keep these for next year when your pro accounts run up, or gift the prizes to deserving Wikidot users who need them. Your call, PM me or say it here.

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