The strangest thing in your office? Look what we found!

by Squark on 15 Jul 2011 12:15

Look around your office. In ours we can see that not every single thing is actually related to the work we are doing. Each and every one of us tries to adapt the work environment and workplace to fit our needs and build a place where we can feel good, relaxed and comfortable.

That's why some of us have photos of wives/girlfriends on their desks or kids' teddies. We also love our couch where we can sit down with a notebook in a bit more comfortable position than at the desk. Or take a nap when working overtime.

Since last week we also have a lot of climbing stuff in our office. Michał came up with an idea that we could go climbing from time to time. Toruń was an artillery fortress with 14 Prussian forts dated around 1890s and hundreds of bigger and smaller bunkers for personnel and munition. Some of them became popular (yet a bit bizzare) climbing areas. It's not only about physical activity (which is obviously important if you're sitting at the desk 8 hours a day), but this kind of activity really increases in-team trust and cooperation. Nothing strange, when you realize that your life literally lies in your mate's hands. Hanging 10 meters above the ground does give us a bit different perspective on our personal relations.

Nevertheless, after a quick voting, the number one strangest thing in our place is TeRq's new toy:


Don't worry. We are not preparing a military strike (although one of our recently tweeted post would suggest so). It's only an Airsoft gun replica of Mk12 SPR shooting 6mm polymer BBs. After the tuning it fires around 450 feets per second and the operative range exceeds 300 feet. There's a rifle scope 6-24x, the silencer and bipod attached. Quite crazy, right?

So… What strange things in your workplace or office can you find? (Post a photo if you can!)

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