Spring. At last. New office and set-tags button.

by Squark on 25 Mar 2011 12:05

At Wikidot we are all happy to say goodbye to Winter. Spring officially began a few days ago and believe me, we got tired of snow, freezing cold and windshield scraping in the morning.

Winter this year was substantially irritating. There were days we had problems geting to the office because of traffic jams caused by huge heaps of snow on the roads.

Spring brings fresh news too. Wikidot is evolving and expanding, so does the team. Our current office has become a bit too small for our needs. Within a month we will move our headquaters to a new location right in the center of Toruń with a great look on the city medieval cathedral and streets of the old town.

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Now, back to Wikidot. Recently we introduced a great set-tags feature. It allows you to change page tags with a click of a button. Setting and removing tags has never been easier! Visit the Documentation for more details. The set-tag button can dramatically improve efficiency in any workflow that relies on tagging pages.

We wish everyone a happy Spring and a lot of productivity.

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