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by pieterh on 13 Aug 2009 15:13

We're seeing quite a rash of "500 Internal Error" or "JavaScript failed" errors when trying to post comments, edit pages, and sometimes read sites. This is annoying but not fatal, just redo the same action. I'll explain what's happening and what we plan to do about it.

First, please don't panic: there is no danger to your data, and you won't lose edits or comments. If you get unexpected error messages about page locks when you save an edit, click "try to get page lock" and save your page again.

The problem is somewhere in our application server; every 254th process mysteriously dies, causing an error to hit the next user who tries to make an operation that expects to use that process. We don't yet know what's causing the symptom, which is recent. Presumably something we changed, but there are no obvious candidates yet.

So I'm sorry about the annoyance and the fact that this may worry some of your site visitors. As we have more news on this I'll bring it to you.

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