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by pieterh on 20 Aug 2009 10:51

The sidebar says that '17 of us say "to set page dates to past dates or future dates!!"' And this blog post is a good demonstration why. I spent two days driving from Brussels to Zurich and back, and meanwhile failed to post a Tuesday Rant.

RobElliot wrote,

It's Tuesday here in Scotland. Will be all day. What is Tuesday? Tuesday is the day of rant ("le jour de la harangue"). But we get to Tuesday and what do we find? Nothing. No sign of the rant page whatsover. I've looked behind the sofa and tortured my children with soft cushions to see if they had hidden it, but no, no sign of the page at all.

I have to agree. It would have been so easy for me to post a Rant, a day in advance, and pretend to be happily blogging while actually driving down the Rhine valley in the summer heat. So, this is the Tuesday Rant, despite the fact that it's published on a Thursday.

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