Playing With Domains

by pieterh on 06 Aug 2009 14:13

Some time ago, I read a comment from a Wikidot site admin complaining that there were no other domains available than "". This was, I guess, before we opened custom domains to all sites.

So here's a small experiment. I've taken some domains and set them to wildcard at's IP address. Thus, any Wikidot site can use these domains. Subdomains only: the top-level domains will redirect to this site or other existing sites.

I've configured:

  • An easy to pronounce domain: and a non-profit version,
  • A 'cute' domain name:
  • A short domain name:

Here are some aliases for this blog site, defined as custom domains on this site:

If you find this useful, let us know!

Update: now also available:,, and :-) It may take an hour or two for the DNS on these new domains to settle down.

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