Business offer for Google and other competitors

by michal-frackowiak on 01 Apr 2010 10:42

Dear Google Inc.,

independent analysts reviewed our growth, revenue, strategic position and plans for the next few years. The study, conducted by Adam Smith's Economy Center, clearly shows that Wikidot will surpass Google in terms of popularity and revenue by 2040 AC. Which is proven by the graph below:


After a lot of debates, we came to conclusion there is no point in a "cold war" scenario or competition between our projects. They both target Internet, which makes them similar. It would be only a matter of years before we see each other as those stopping one another from becoming a dominant Internet company.

Therefore we are presenting a business offer that would result in a merge between Wikidot Inc. and Google Inc. Wikidot would benefit from adopting Google's team of engineers, management team and web assets (including search site and several other totally unrelated products).

Based on future estimates, we are valuing Google at 30% of Wikidot value. We believe that at this price Google shareholders would be much more confident in their investment.

We also have a special offer for smaller internet companies. If by any chance your project is still larger than Wikidot, we hope you realize it is only a a matter of time. Wikidot will surpass your project within the next few years at most.

However, if your project falls into the following categories: wiki provider (Wikia, PBWorks, WikiSpaces), blog hosting (WordPress, Tumblr), social network (Facebook, even MySpace), we can negotiate a preferred valuation of your company between 0.01% and and 1% of Wikidot value.

Please, send your replies to moc.todikiw|rednerrus-ew-sey#moc.todikiw|rednerrus-ew-sey so we can work out the details of the deal.

Best regards,
Wikidot Inc. Team

UPDATE: Thanks for all the feedback! And kudos to authors of all other jokes we have seen on April 1st, including James Kanjo censuring the Community Site, and mysterious michal frakcowiak announcing a documentary film about Wikidot, by BBC ;-)

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