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by pieterh on 24 Oct 2009 12:27

Actually, this is News about News about Wikidot. meta-news if you like. We're starting a new news feed, at, which will report on interesting stuff happening in the world of Wikidot. The goal is to collect short reports, and once a month, send out a summary to all Wikidot users, as the regular newsletter.

With the news site I'd like to pull together stories from the Community blog and this blog, and also other things that are happening.

Right now I'm looking for editors: you need good English writing skills; the articles must be short, clear, and point to the full story elsewhere. We have three sections (Wikidot, Userspace, and Random) but may add more. Every story has an image, photo, or paintbrush sketch if necessary.

Once every month we'll send out a summary to all registered Wikidot users, with just the titles and a link to each story over the last month. If there are too many stories, we'll select the best ones. We'll aim to have 10-20 stories a month.

Anyone with a story can submit it to one of the editors, who will edit it and post it if they like it.

Sound good? Interested in helping? Let me know what you think.

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