Wikidot moves its office to Business Link Toruń

by michal-frackowiak on 24 Mar 2014 14:44

Wikidot has just moved to its new office. It's still in Toruń, Poland ;-)


Our new offices are hosted at a newly created business accelerator center BusinessLink. Apart from offering only office space its goal is to "accelerate" companies by providing know-how, business opportunities and support.


What we like about the new location is that it's very flexible — using IT terms I would call it OaaS (Office as a Service). BL offers infrastructure for growing companies and it seems to fit our needs perfectly. It is conveniently located in renovated old mill buildings.


A great thing about such spaces (BTW: we can see several such spaces being created in Poland) is that not only they provide much better value per dollar spent, but in the end our monthly bills are lower than before. Great, isn't it? What's more, if we need conference rooms or extra space — it's right here.


But the greatest place here is… kitchen. There's no better place to meet people and chat than when having a cup of espresso.

BusinessLink in Toruń is a very young project but it seems to be getting momentum. So far it is a great experience for us to have offices next to other start-ups.

More photos of BusinessLink interiors are available here and here.

Going back to work then!


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