New site manager panel (and hidden changes)

by michal-frackowiak on 01 Jul 2013 09:12

Today we are more than happy to introduce a new site management panel, aka Site Manager. Apart from visual improvements and cleaner look we tried to optimize its usability and add a bit of "freshness". The old Site Manager itself has grown from a small dashboard to a huge set of panels over the last years. As we discovered it very often introduced a steep learning curve for new users. Not to mention its design is about 6 years old now.


We did not want to re-invent the Manager. To make the transition painless we have preserved the original structure, so Wikidot experts should find their settings within seconds.

Wait! There is more!

The changes we are introducing today are not limited to the Site Manager only. Under the hood we are deploying a new page rendering engine. As of now it runs in "compatibility mode", which should result in exactly no visible changes for you. But what is important it should allow two important changes in the near future:

1. Admins will have 100% over HTML layout of their sites.

Right. You will be able to change the underlaying page layout by editing the raw HTML. It means full control over headers, footers, nav bars, stylesheets — just anything. As you recall, this has always been one of the most frequently demanded feature.

2. Migration to Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an amazingly popular set of HTML/CSS/JavaScript building blocks for websites. It is clean, cross-browser and mobile-ready. We are planning to migrate our default templates and layouts to Bootstrap, which should result in new quality themes and layouts. Bootstrap should also provide designers with a far better foundation for creating custom themes.

These features are not immediately available but we have them as next steps on our roadmap.

Since the changes we are introducing today are quite extensive, we want your feedback!

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