New prices, 50%-off special offer

by pieterh on 07 Nov 2009 18:11

We've fixed one more major bug in our pro accounts are too cheap. Ironically, being much cheaper than other wiki hosting firms means that many people look at and think, "oh, cheap and unreliable!" So we are applying a simple solution: we're doubling our prices.

A Pro-Lite account now costs $49.90 (€49.90 incl. VAT) for a year, and a Pro-Plus account now costs $239.90 (€239.00 incl. VAT) for a year. You can see the new prices on our plans page.

A 100% increase in prices sounds a lot, but it is modest given how much has grown over the last year. We are still much cheaper than other wiki hosting providers. To compare, one of our competitors charges $480 for just a single five-user site. A Wikidot Pro-Plus account gives you 30 sites with unlimited users, about $1.00 per site per month.

As a way of saying "thank you" to existing Wikidot users, we're giving a 50% reduction until 1st December. That means you still have three weeks to renew your account at the old prices. You can extend your account for 12 months, or 24 months, or more, and benefit from this special offer.

My advice is to extend or upgrade your account before 1 December, to get the best possible price. But even when the special offer expires, remains the best deal around.

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