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by pieterh on 12 Nov 2009 11:47


Today, or tomorrow (depending on how long ago you signed up for Wikidot), you will be getting a nice new shiny Wikidot Newsletter in your mailbox. We started the newsletter project in August, and it's taken us some time to get it all working, but from now on we'll be able to send this out once a month.

The newsletter is meant to keep the 99.9% of Wikidot users who don't read this blog or the forums informed about what's going on. The way it works is that we collect the most interesting stories about what's happening in and around Wikidot, and publish these on the site.

Then with some magic scripts, thanks to Michal, we take a snapshot of the News site and turn that into a nice HTML email. This results in 30GB of email traffic, which is why it takes more than a day to send out. With the HTML, is a nice text version for people who do not read HTML email.

By sending out an HTML page as email, we want to remind Wikidot users of what they can make using Wikidot. The news site uses a custom CSS, ListPages module, tags, per-page comments, and so on. If you want a similar site, check-out the techblog application template.

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