New "My account"

by michal-frackowiak on 08 Mar 2011 10:28


Following our user interface improvements path, today we are introducing a new and improved version of "My Account". We hope it will provide a much better overview of your Wikidot account and will be more intuitive to use.

Although the "Dashboard" (that is how we call it internally) only replaces and simplifies the old interface right now (no actual new features), it is still a work in progress — we are planning more improvements soon, e.g. overview of activity related to your Wikidot account and simpler profile management.

To enhance the new "My Account" we introduced a new size of site thumbnails. Some of them may be missing. Don't worry, they are generated in the background, so when you come back after a while, they should be waiting for you.

But enough talking — log into your account and check out the new interface. We are eager to hear your feedback! And if (by any chance) there is any problem with the new interface, we are here to fix it.

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