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by pieterh on 03 Sep 2009 16:34

On 7 August we started the redesign process for ListPages, one of the most important tools in Wikidot. Tomorrow we should see this arrive in production (and I'll announce it here when it's live). A few words about what this means and how it will affect your sites.

Don't Panic! Nothing has been removed or broken, and existing sites should work just as before. The only change to existing behavior is that %%tags%% no longer shows hidden tags. We've introduced a lot of new names but the old ones still work. The new names are to make ListPages more consistent, and easier to use over time.

I'm going to explain the changes one by one. The full design document shows them in context:

  • There are some new ways to select pages: untagged pages, pages with no parent, hidden pages. These are meant to let us build improved site management tools.
  • There are a bunch of new sorting options: by page name, fullname, created_by, (number of) revisions, and (number of) comments. We did the ones that were possible without risk of performance problems.
  • You no longer need to use names like dateCreatedAsc for the order property. The names are consistent between the template and order. Ascending sort is default. So, order="created_at".
  • All fields that create links are consistently named fieldname_linked. All fields that refer to users are consistently named fieldname_by. So, created_by and created_at and created_by_linked.
  • For consistency, the page name is name. The parent page can be referenced using parent_ followed by the page property, for name, category, fullname, title, and title_linked.
  • %%tags%% no longer shows hidden tags. %%_tags%% does that.
  • %%children%% shows the number of children.

There is still much work to do on ListPages. We'll continue to make incremental improvements over time. Feel free to add your comments and requests to the full design document.

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