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by pieterh on 18 Jul 2009 13:19

A few minutes ago, dennyhalim asked: "where should we post feature request? Is anything here ever considered…"

Here is the short answer: post anywhere on the Community site, the Pro site, the site or this blog, and we'll read your post, try to respond to it, and if it makes sense, log it and work on it.

Here is the longer answer. For several years, we've been bad at answering bug reports and feature requests. The top rated wishes on the Community site are:

They're also some of the oldest wishes, which is unfortunate evidence that we have not been listening. Well, part of the "New Wikidot" that brought you the toolbars is also a Wikidot that listens and acts. If you're a member of the Community site, you'll have seen over the last weeks that we're there. (If you're not a member of that site, why not? It is by far the best place to meet Wikidot experts.)

Secondly, we have built, and are using, a new internal issue tracker, based on Wikidot. We've logged about 200 issues in that, though we've not yet done a full sweep of all the content of the Pro and Community sites. From now on, Wikidot's design is driven by users, rather than developers.

Next, we've logged a whole lot of usability bugs: too many clicks to delete a page, no private categories, too hard to register, too hard to invite users, too hard to rename a page, too hard to manage large wikis, and so on. I'm not going to list them all here but perhaps later I will. Point is, these are a priority for us. It's not sufficient for me, as a designer and user, that something works, it has to work in the simplest and most effective manner.

Lastly, while the whole Wikidot team has their opinion and input on what and how we work, the user interface is going to be more systematically designed by those of us (mainly Lukasz and myself) who are users of Wikidot and who talk to users, rather than the developers (who are extraordinarily good, as you'll appreciate when you realize how stable is). This means you'll see more consistency, simpler design that does more, and I hope an overall better Wikidot experience.

I've built and operated something like 100 sites, and each time I find myself thinking, "here's a design bug", or "here's a missing function". You will have the same experience as you use Wikidot, and I encourage you to express yourself on the Community site.

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