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by pieterh on 08 Sep 2009 09:23

When we started writing the Wikidot documentation, we did not have live templates, ListPages, nor did we have a thriving community. The documentation section is starting to show its age, and we want to take that chance to redo it, properly.

What does "redo" mean? I'll start by relisting the main problems that I see with the doc and the way it's made:

  • The Wikidot syntax page is far too long, both because it covers too much, and because it is too verbose in many areas.
  • The doc does not use modern techniques for organization (ListPages, tags) and presentation (live templates, content sections).
  • The doc is not user-fixable, so even trivial errors are painful to report and fix.
  • The doc allows per-page comments, but these short-term discussions fit uncomfortably with the long term documentation.

So, I've started a new site at You'll see some ideas on the front page; for the rest the site is just the default template, with no structure.

Actually, yesterday I started two other sites as well, one to become the home for a new "live slices of code" project, and one to answer the question, "if you keep starting all these sites, how can anyone find their way around?"

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